You vs SCP Foundation (Corrected) - Can You Defeat and Contain SCP-173, SCP-096, SCP-682

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We heard you, we did it. Here is the corrected version of our You vs SCP Foundation video.

We are back to tackle You vs the SCP Foundation in today's epic SCP containment breach episode. You're new to the SCP Foundation and looking to prove your worth, when you are assigned the mother load, to contain 3 of the most deadly SCP's to have ever walked the Earth. We're talking about SCP-173 The Killer Statue, SCP-096 The Shy Guy, and SCP-682 The Hard to Destroy Reptile. If you manage to contain these wild SCP monsters you may be in for a huge promotion, if you survive that is!

Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under Creative Commons Sharealike and all concepts originate from and its authors. This video, being derived from this content, including but not limited to , , and is hereby also released under Creative Commons Sharealike

SCP Foundation is fictional. It is not real.

Original Authors:
►The "Shy Guy" based upon SCP-096 written by Dr Dan

►The Sculpture - The Original based upon SCP-173 written by Moto42

►Hard-to-Destroy Reptile based upon SCP-682 written by Dr Gears
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