Why I Love to Skate: Skater and street-art lover Louise from London shares her skating adventures.

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During Skatefresh's 20th year 2020, we are celebrating our students from around the world who share their skating stories of "Why I Love to skate". Without you, our students, we can't do what we you.

Louise from London has travelled the world on her skates, done marathons for charity and spots street-art as she rolls. Skating fits into everyone's lives uniquely, but it bring us such similar benefits.

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Who is Asha?
• Skate Coach for BBC and Disney.
• Champion figure skater who represented Great Britain internationally.
• Founder of (London’s longest running Skate School) and (the world’s first Virtual Skate School).
• Skating for 36 years
• Teaching for 20 years
• Instructors Certified 342
• Powerslide Brand Ambassador
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