Where The Dragons Went... (Sad SCP Animation)

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The Room was once a magical place. It's splendor was maintained by the Family. These powerful creatives made the Room was a portal to Fantasy, a world filled with giants and elves and other bizarre beings. But there was one race that ruled over all. But there was one class that ruled over all, the wise and powerful

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Featured Artists:
???? Illustrator/Animator:
Mitch Fernandez -
???? Animator:
Yasmeen Shaban -
???? Video Editor/Sound Design:
K. William Scott

Featured Voice Actors:
???? Abigail Turner -
???? Ryan Stewart -

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Original Author(s):
► "Where The Dragons Went" based upon "SCP-1762” written by: OZ Ouroboros:

Licensed under CC-BY-SA
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