What Valheim Skills do at max level

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00:00 Introduction
00:17 Jump Skill
01:30 Run Skill
03:17 Unarmed Skill
04:58 Clubs Skill
06:25 Blocking Skill
08:06 Axes Skill
10:11 Woodcutting Skill
11:27 Sneak Skill
13:29 Bows Skill
16:28 Knives Skill
17:49 Swim Skill
19:59 Spear Skill
21:51 Swords Skill
23:37 Pickaxes Skill
24:40 Summary and Conclusions

Today we're testing every single Valheim Skill to see what they do at max level. When you have max level valheim skills the game gets much easier because everything works better.

In this Valheim skills guide we check the following:
Valheim Run Skill
Valheim Jump Skill
Valheim Swim Skill
Valheim Woodcutting Skill
Valheim Pickaxes Skill
Valheim Sneak Skill
Valheim Blocking Skill
Valheim Unarmed Skill
Valheim Clubs Skill
Valheim Axes Skill
Valheim Bows Skill
Valheim Knives Skill
Valheim Spears Skill
Valheim Swords Skill

All Valheim Skills give bonuses when you level them up. You can level up valheim skills by doing the appropriate task related to it. For example, to level up woodcutting you have to use axes on trees.

Hopefully this Valheim skills tips and tricks video helps you understand the benefits of leveling Valheim skills in your game.
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