Warhammer 40k 9th Ed Battle Report - Ultramarines vs. Necrons

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With lots of cool new changes to the Marines and Necrons coming up and with both Owen and I working on new units for our armies we decide to throw down a Strike Force sized Matched Play game testing some of the new stuff out. D6+2 Meltas, 2 Wound Tactical Marines, 12" Flamers and CORE rules for Auras are just some of what we try in this game of Battlelines!

My list:
HQ: Primaris Cap. (IND) - Tallasarian Cloak, Adept of the Codex
HQ: Primaris Lt. (IND)
HQ: Primaris Lib. - Storm of the Emperor's Wrath
TROOPS: 10 Intercessors w/ TH, AGL
TROOPS: 10 Assault Intercessors w/ Plasma Pistol
TROOPS: 5 Tactical Marines w/ Grav Pistol, Plasma Gun
ELITES: Bladeguard Ancient
ELITES: 3 Bladeguard Vets
ELITES: 5 Reivers
ELITES: Ironclad w/ Launchers and 2x HKs
FAST: 3 Outriders
HEAVY: 3 Eradicators

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