Trevor Henderson Creatures VS CreepyPasta Legends [HORROR BATTLE] (Minecraft PE)

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It's a battle of the creepy when Trevor Henderson Creatures fight Creepy Pasta Legends. Can Slenderman take on Cartoon Cat? Is Herobrine strong enough to stand against Siren Head? Find out!

00:55 - Jeff the Killer VS Yoyo
01:32 - VS Siren Head
02:15 - Eyeless Jack VS Man with upside down face
02:53 - Slenderman VS Milk Walker
03:43 - Herobrine VS Totl
04:23 - Rake VS Cartoon Cat
05:40 - Creepy Pasta Legends VS Trevor Henderson Creatures

Team Undertale (Gaster, Sans, Papyrus, Chara) VS Team CreepyPasta [Minecraft PE]

Trevor Henderson Trevor Henderson Creatures VS Minecraft & Minecraft Story Mode BOSSES [Cartoon Cat VS Wither Storm]

Slenderman Add-on By 安瑞CN:

Herobrine HABIRGB -


Man with upside down face -
Siren Head Bendythedemon18

Rake by Aaron Gamer:

Music: Lucky Day - Jingle Punks Music provided by No Copyright Music
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