Too Much Homework at TOY SCHOOL !!!

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Addy and Maya have a huge take home project from pretend Toy School. The silly kids are tasked with flying their brand new Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers. Their mom, Lucy, even helps out by doing all of their chores around the house. The kids have to be very careful though not to let their mom know how much fun they're having with this special homework.

Have you ever wished your Hatchimals Pixies could fly? Now you can bring Pixies to life with Crystal Flyers, the first-ever Hatchimals Pixies that can really fly with your help! Inside a gorgeous crystal egg, discover a beautiful grown-up Pixie, with glittery wings and a unique look and style. Remove your Crystal Flyers Pixie from her egg and charge her with the included USB cable. When she’s fully charged, she’s ready to air dance! Switch your Pixie on and watch as her glittery wings begin to flutter and spin. Let her go and she’ll magically fly – use your Pixie Power to guide her! Featuring a built-in sensor, your Crystal Flyers Pixie can sense where your hands are as you help her to fly indoors. Lift your hands high and she’ll fly high, move them low and she’ll fly low, dancing through the air! As she hovers above your hands, her glittery wings sparkle as she flies! With enough practice, you and your Pixie are on your way to becoming the best air dancers in Hatchtopia! Mid-flight, you can safely grab your Pixie’s legs to reposition her. Made of durable and safety tested materials, if you accidentally touch her wings while she’s flying, it’s completely safe – with an auto-stop feature, she’ll stop flying right away. When she’s not flying, display your Pixie inside her sparkly clear crystal egg! With two gorgeous Crystal Flyers available, Krystalina Rose and Violet Onyx, choose the Pixie that fits your style (each sold separately)! Bring your very own Hatchimals Pixie to life with Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers! The magic is in your hands!

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