The Wondrous Code | Ep#19 | Journey of Certainty

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Why is the DNA the best operating system in the world?

1. This 250 gram, billions of kilometers long system builds and operates billions and billions of micro-computers (the cells) in a human body
2. This magnificent system actually builds the hardware: the body and its organs as well as operating the body. So, it is software, operating system, and hardware system all in one.

In our human experience, language and code indicate an intelligent source, so how is it possible that this design, encrypted language, and precision come randomly without a Creator or Designer?

Eyad Quniabi, is an associate professor of Pharmacology at Jarash University. Dr. Qunaibi graduated with a doctorate degree in Molecular Pharmacology from the University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA, and has teaching and research experience in Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Toxicology, and Pharmacokinetics. He contributed to two patents and is an author of numerous highly-cited scientific publications.

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