The Pig Witch: Redemption

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It has been a year since the incident that many people have been calling "The Pig Witch" and Sikora is still struggling with what happened that night.

A video of Sikora documenting and discovering a pig-like creature that apparently attacked him and his friends has been spread across the internet, some call it a hoax, some don't know what to believe.

Sikora's friends were never found; he
faced criminal charges and an onslaught of
negative press sending him deep into solitude.

After being approached by a mysterious woman
he must now make a choice and one wrong
move will bring back his worst fears.

Watch the full film now available for FREE thanks to BTV. Enjoy! Go support the filmmakers and buy it on DVD, it is loaded with bonus features:

DVD Features Include:
- The Making
- The Original Pig Witch Film
- Rodney Thurman "Stay In" Music Video
- Sikora's First Horror Film
- Cast Photo Slideshow
- & More!
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