The End of Humanity: When Day Breaks... (SCP Animation)

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After the SCP-001 event, nowhere seems safe anymore. Outside the sun glows with blistering heat. If you're desperate enough to travel these days, you better do it with as much protection between you and the light as possible. But the anomalies the sun creates are much

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Featured Artists:
???? Illustrator/Animator:
Mitch Fernandez -
???? Animator:
Yasmeen Shaban -
???? Video Editor/Sound Design:
K. William Scott

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Original Author(s):
► "S. D. Locke's Proposal" written by: Shaggydredlocks:

► "Awaiting De-classification [Blocked]" based upon "SCP-001” written by: Lt Masipag:

Licensed under CC-BY-SA
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