The end of Chinese spy: "The government is a lover of peace and has never sent any spy to the U.S."

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In one of the CCP's most popular films, Wolf Warrior: "When you are in danger overseas, don't give up, remember that there is a strong motherland behind you"
Is this true?
Tang Juan, who has a military background in the CCP, was arrested in the United States on July 23rd. Tang Juan's arrest was more convoluted than a movie plot.
According to a press release issued by the Department of Justice, four Chinese nationals conducting research at academic institutions were recently charged with visa fraud after they concealed their ties to the People’s Liberation Army when applying for visas. Each faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted.
Tang had been hiding at the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco for a month and suddenly left to surrender to the authorities, which does not rule out the possibility that the Chinese Consulate was forced to hand her over or persuaded her to surrender, and that such an order may have come directly from Beijing.
Tang Juan entered the with her daughter in December 2019. Some analysts believed that because her daughter was brought back to China under the control of the Chinese government.
If you know anything about the history of Chinese spies, you won't believe what the movie "War Wolf" tells you. Many Chinese in mainland China don't know that there was an ace Chinese spy, his name was Larry Wu-tai Chin.
In 1985, Yu Keung-sheng, the North American intelligence chief of China's National Security Agency (NSA), deserted the Communist Party and fled to the United States.
In 1985, he informed a CIA agent in Beijing that Jin Wuyou was the source of the spy, but the CIA was unable to identify him.
Larry Wu-tai Chin made a great contribution to the Chinese government. After his arrest, he appealed to the Chinese authorities to negotiate with the government to exchange spies, as the and the Soviet Union had done before, and to allow him to return to China. But the Chinese ambassador's words shattered Mr. Jin's dream.
The Chinese ambassador said in response to questions from reporters: "The Kim Wuyou incident was fabricated by anti-Chinese forces in the United States. The Chinese government is a lover of peace and has never sent any spy to the United States ... The Chinese government will not recognize this anti-Chinese incident, nor does it know this Kim Wuyou, who claims to be a Chinese spy.
In February 1986, Jin died, suffocating in a plastic bag over his head in a heavily guarded prison.

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