TF2: The Bot Crisis Got Worse. Here's What YOU Can Do! (Bot Crisis Guide 2021)

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An explanation and guide to the state of TF2 in 2021, and how to deal with the ongoing bot crisis. No advice for valve, no wishing for an anti-bot update or a vac ban wave, today were looking at real advice that I want everyone to spread around the community. Teaching people how to votekick and weird things you didn't know can help you deal with hacking bots. Even a community plan to play the game during a specific time or at least to get the word out to the community that if they're tired of bots, they can play during this time.

"TLDW: Play casual during peak hours. Stay during map changes. better a map you dont like than bot server after bot server. Kick the bots, even if it fails, they leave after enough votes are called on them. Teach new players how to kick. Make sure votes are on real people and check who called the vote. Use the command 'vote option1' or 'vote option2' if tf2 is acting up and not letting you use f1/f2"
-Alecsixnine from Reddit.

nobody look down here.

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