Tera Yaar Hoon Main - Ep 10 - Full Episode - 11th September 2020

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Episode 10: Rishabh's New Smartphone
Rishabh's father has gone to the mobile shop to get his son a smartphone for his birthday, but on the other hand, Rishabh manages some money from his friends to buy a second-hand mobile for himself as he thinks that his father won't get him one. Watch to find out more.

About Tera Yaar Hoon Main :
Rajeev Bansal, a simpleton is blessed with a happy loving family. But with the passage of time, he desires to befriend his son Rishab, who shares a really close bond with his mother Jhanvi. Rishab confides in his mom, shares his banal moments with her but doesn’t share the same rapport with his father. Here’s a slice of the life show that depicts how a father tries to build his friendship with a hesitant son and nurtures their relationship with his warmth and understanding.
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