Swift Weather App 3: Creating the Model from JSON

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Inspect the JSON and create a Codable Swift struct based on that JSON feed so that you will be able to fetch the data for use in your app.

***NOTE**** You will need your own API Key. See Video #2

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Starter Project:
You can download the completed files from the previous tutorial if you want to have a starting point:

The completed project for this video can be downloaded from here:

Other References in this video:
JSON Formatter and Validator

Links to all Videos in this series.
Part 1
1. Introduction and Overview

2. The OpenWeatherMap API

3. Creating the Model

4. Creating an API Service Class Singleton
Coming Soon
5. Testing the API
Coming Soon

Part 2
6. Start Building the App
Coming Soon
7. Building the List View
Coming Soon
8. Implementing the Forecast ViewModel
Coming Soon
9. Adding the Forecast List ViewModel
Coming Soon
10. Metric or Imperial and Saving to UserDefaults
Coming Soon
11. Downloading and Caching Images
Coming Soon
12. Error Handling and Activity Loader
Coming Soon
13. Improving the UI
Coming Soon
14. Add an App Icon and Launch Screen
Coming Soon
15. Refactoring APIService using Combine
Coming Soon

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