Spotify launches service in Korea

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By Dong Sun-hwaThe world's largest music streaming platform Spotify launched its service in Korea, Tuesday. The Sweden-based streaming giant, which has more than 320 million listeners globally, said in a statement that it has come to Korea with the "unrivaled" mix of features that have made it the world's most popular audio streaming subscription service, including more than 60 million songs and over 4 billion playlists. It will also present its most-sought-after features tailored to the Korean market. The platform is set to provide playlists made exclusively for music fans in Korea as well as tailored recommendations and discovery features. The platform will offer two monthly subscription plans ― Premium Individual (10,900 won, $) and Duo (16,350 won) ― but will not offer free ad-supported subscription in Korea, which is available in many other countries. New listeners in Korea can try out Spotify's Premium for seven days for free on a mobile phone with no credit card information, or for 3 months free with credit card information, if subscribing before the end of June. "Our team on the ground has been working closely with local artists, labels and cultural tastemakers to offer an unrivaled music listening and discovery experience, ensuring that Spotify is going to be loved by listeners and artists in Korea," said David Park, Spotify's managing director for South Korea. "By bringing in a world-class product and service tailored for Korean fans and artists, we will help boost the Korean music streaming ecosystem's entire growth, benefiting listeners, fans, artists and more."Alex Norstrom, chief freemium business officer of Spotify, said: "We're thrilled to be able to finally launch in Korea, as we have been eager to welcome listeners, fans and artists from Korea for a very long time."Spotify, which has more than a 30 percent global market share, was launched in 2008. In Korea, it has to compete against several streaming services, such as Melon, operated by internet company Kakao. According to Nielsen Koreanclick, Melon had the largest market share here ( percent) as of November, followed by Genie ( percent), FLO ( percent) and YouTube Music ( percent). Melon had about million monthly active users.
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