Snowy the PiRATE ELF!! our last Fairy Battle before Winter! Adley & Niko visit new Christmas Lights!

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and some hot lava Roblox before bed ????


Best Winter Day Ever 1170

Waking up and instantly play blocks with Adley and Niko Bear i one of my favorite way to start that day. It's not even part of our morning routine, it just happens sometimes where the three of us just want to play before breakfast or anything else. This morning we make a little dinosaur and right about the time we finish this diy dino, Jenny and baby Navey come tell us we need to find the Elf on a Shelf!!

We head downstairs and start playing the most intense elf hide n seek game ever. No one can find Snowy, till Adley decides to check the bathroom. There is snowy in a family runway costume show dressed up like a pirate from pirate island. She left us paper and straws, to see if we can work togeth and have family fun making a pirate ship. This was alot like the time Snowy turned into a mermaid in our bathroom sink. We all work together to make this pretend play boat. Niko helps me make the floating base while Adley makes a place for the Elf to sit. Thank goodness we love crafts!!

Adley, Niko Bear, and I then head to Pirate island to check on the ice around the lake lot and our dock. We need to turn on this blender like thing to break up the ice near our stuff. But first we test out how strong the ice is. None of us had a clue how tough this ice is. We walked on it, slide on it, ice skated, threw rocks, toys, dinosaurs, and polly pockets on it!! It cracked be never broke!! We take the opportunity while here to play one of our favorite games, pirate vs fairies, before Adley shows us her winter fairy magic.

Once it gets dark, we have a family tradition of going to a local park that does really amazing lights. We bundle up the kids and go see the light animals, unicorns, dragons, and lots more!! The kids love them and this park has a hidden elf we need to find.

Back home, Adley, Niko and I show you the newest and most fun part of our night time routine, playing Roblox and very often disaster mode with floor is lava and earthquakes!! Love spending so much time with the kiddos!

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