Sky Walk Tower Latest Construction Update

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Sky Walk Tower Construction Latest Update
With the slogan of Sky is no more Higher, South Asia's First Sky Walk Tower is under construction, at the prime location of Kathmandu CIty, Kamaladi. Definitely, this will be the first skywalk tower in Nepal.

After Feasibility study in 7-8 places around the country, this place is selected, Wonders Nepal Pvt Ltd has started this Pride project in this area of Ropani for 23 Years in Lease. This company has given the opportunity to the local company in this project, which will construct the concrete structure. For Glass structure at the top, skilled manpower from China and Canada will be used.

It's work started on the ground from December 2019 and now the work is at a good pace. The company targets it to complete in 18 months. It has an estimated cost of 2 billion. This tower will be around 70-75 meters tall, which will be tall like 25 story building. whose top will be of 35-meter diameter, where 3-meter wide glass walkway will be constructed. This tower will occupy 3500 sq ft area and premises will have a garden, parking, hotel, restaurant, fitness club, swimming pool, office space, seminar hall, air club, recreational activities along with skywalk.

This will give an experience of walking in the sky, This will help in tourism promotion, this will be added in the to-do list of visitors in Kathamndu, this will add value in human-created tourism, this project must be completed in time and need to be successful because in this project Nepalese educated and experienced from different country invested in it and with its success nation ana international investment will be attracted in the tourism sector.


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