???? Set Up Spotify on Elgato Stream Deck (FREE) // Tutorial & Guide

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In this video learn how to set up and add Spotify buttons on your Elgato Stream Deck!

This is a tutorial video where I show you the configuration process for Spotify buttons on your stream deck. There is the process for installing the Spotify BarRaider application onto your Elgato Stream Deck, then configuring your Spotify button folder, and of course testing and setting up the buttons themselves.

This video covers:
- How to Install Spotify Play and Pause Button
- How to Add Spotify Skip Track Button
- How to Add Track Information Button (copy to clipboard)
- How to Like a Song from Your Elgato Stream Deck
- How to Set up API Access to Integrate Spotify to Stream Deck buttons

Hopefully you find the video useful!

-- ⏲️ Vid Timestamps --
Video Info & Intro:(0:00)
Demo of the Spotify Integration & My Button Config:(1:35)
Installing BarRaider Spotify App to Stream Deck:(3:02)
Adding Spotify Buttons to Elgato Stream Deck:(4:09)
Configuring Spotify Integration for Elgato Stream Deck:(4:52)
Configuring Spotify Buttons on Stream Deck:(8:00)
Testing Spotify Elgato Stream Deck Integration Buttons:(8:31)
Final Thoughts & Outro:(9:48)

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