Secret Real Lover of Karan Johar in Bollywood

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Karan Johar was in Deep Love With Kareena Kapoor Secretly? Karan shares a great bond with many Bollywood actresses, including Kareena Kapoor. They share a great bond of friendship since many years. But a shocking report suggests something different about Karan and Kareena’s closeness. Well, as per some reports, Karan has feelings for his friend, Bollywood actress, Bebo. Let us have a look into this video to find out what Karan feels about Kareena Kapoor. Karan Johar has always been very much open yet secret about his personal life, specially, his love life. But, recently, a news broke out that Karan has a soft corner for his closest friend, Kareena Kapoor. As per the reports, Karan, during one of his interviews, revealed that he always looks up to Kareena and respects her for her works. He has also revealed that there was a time when he had strong feelings for Kareena and wanted her as his life partner. Both of their families are very much close and Kareena’s parents know Karan very well and love him a lot. Kareena is very much fond of him too which made Karan think that Kareena also had feelings for him. But unfortunately, Kareena never had feelings for him and went on to marry the love of her life, Saif Ali Khan. According to reports, even after Kareena’s marriage, Karan still has weakness for Kareena and secretly loves her a lot. During one of his interviews, Karan expressed that he loves sensible, humorous, and entertaining people like Kareena Kapoor. Karan also revealed that he would love to have Kareena, as her life partner and he knows that Kareena would be perfect for him. Well, Karan was clearly hinting towards his unconditional feelings for Kareena but Kareena is already married to Saif and is happy. But Kareena has recently broken Karan’s heart again, by not supporting him in his bad situation. Well, Karan is currently going through a bad phase as people are attacking and trolling him on social media for nepotism. He is getting banned and boycotted by people. Even cases are filed against him on this matter. And, Kareena, with whom Karan shares a great bond, did not support him or even called him for once, this time. Karan is very much hurt by Kareena's behavior and has disconnected himself from Kareena totally.

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