SCP: Bedrock Breach | Minecraft PE/BE Map (Official Announcement Trailer)

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SCP: Bedrock Breach is a remake of SCP: Containment Breach but in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, with the use of command blocks, redstone & add-ons. This map is being developed by a team I made called Scizzor Studios. Hopefully this can be finished in a few months

Thx to Bendy the Demon18 for allowing me to use/adapt his SCP models/behaviors for this map:

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- SCP: JS Edition Add-On (v3)

- SCP: CB MCBE Remake (Old Map)

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Music Used:
- Dark Man by Ender Güney

(Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution )

WARNING: This video is NOT made for kids (anyone under 13). All of my videos were not and never will be targeted towards kids. The SCP Foundation itself is also NOT meant for kids, the SCP Foundation in Minecraft is no exception.
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