SCP-087 The Game Lets Play

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In this video I play through a game based on SCP-087, this is the first of many to come where I play scary games alone at

The game was made by YouTube member haversine, a video and game download are available here:

It is based on an entry in the SCP series: For those who don't know, The SCP Foundation (Secure, Contain, Protect) are a fictional shadowy group who's job it is to identify, contain and study any supernatural or paranormal creatures/objects.

Any one can submit an article to the SCP archive as long as they make it creepy and manage to stick to the emotionally detached style of the series.

SCP-087, the article on which this game is based can be found here (warning, this is very creepy so if you are of a nervous disposition or a young kid then don't read it!)
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