Old AI: A Clean, Fast End | SCP-079 (SCP Animation)

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Maxwell Tordai has been roaming the various SCP site locations looking for fellow survivors. Some kind of anomaly has wiped out the population. At Site-15, he comes across a sentient computer entity; an old AI. This entity, known in the Foundation as SCP-079, informs Tordai that things are much worse than he could have imagined, and that is only one logical way out. A clean, fast

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Featured Artists:
???? Illustrator/Animator:
Mitch Fernandez -
???? Animator:
Yasmeen Shaban -
???? Video Editor/Sound Design:
K. William Scott

Featured Voice Actors:
???? Ryan Stewart -

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Original Author(s):
► "A Clean, Fast End" written by: Simartar:

► "Old AI" based upon “SCP-079” written by: far2:

Licensed under CC-BY-SA
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