Ninja Gaiden 2: Chapter 1 Sky City Tokyo walkthrough part 2

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After the battle, drop down into the canal beside the garden and head left of the bridge. In a boat at the left end of the canal, you will find an Herb of Spiritual Life. Turn around and head back toward the bridge. Head under the bridge and toward the open area of the canal. You will be attacked again. After fending off the ninjas, head left toward the waterfall. On a platform on the left hand side is a chest containing a Life of the Gods. Head back toward the bridge. Pass under the bridge again and make a left up the stairs. Cross the bridge and smash the pot directly in front of you to earn some more yellow essence. You will be attacked again by a large group of ninjas. Finish them off and then head down the pathway and right down the stairs. You will be attacked by two ninjas immediately as well as two at a distance with bows and flaming arrows. Kill off the two ninjas and head down the stairs to where the archers are firing at you. There is a tree to the right hand side. Face the tree with your back to the archers and do a forward wall run with a jump at the end to land on the platform above. Attack the archers hand to hand and grab the crystal skull on the platform where they stood. Drop down to the pathway below and continue ahead to the pit in the will be attacked again.

When this battle is over, drop into the pit. You will be attacked by several more ninjas. Proceed ahead and left for a chest containing a Life of the Gods. Turn around and head back down the hallway toward the ladder. When you reach the end of the hallway, open the chest at the base of the ladder for some more blue essence. Climb the ladder and cross the pit by using the horizontal pipe. Climb the stairs and fight off a few more ninjas. Cross the pit and go up the left staircase to the Dragon Statue to heal and save. Turn around and head back and up the ladder on your left.

Turn right at the top of the ladder for a chest containing an Herb of Spiritual Life. Turn around and head back down the hallway to the corpse of a ninja. Examine the body for a scroll detailing how to perform the Flying Swallow Technique. Proceed down the hallway for another miniboss fight with standard ninjas, some claw ninjas and a few purple ninjas. When the fight is complete, a door will open to reveal a room containing a statue holding the Lunar Staff, a chest containing red ki essence and a Dragon Statue. Grab all of the items, save and heal and then exit the room. Head right and then left down the stairs. Examine the corpse at the bottom of the stairs to learn how to perform The Ultimate Technique. Head left over the bridge and take out the enemies who attack you. Enter the garden and examine the corpse on the left for a scroll about the Obliteration Technique. Enter the house ahead and examine the corpse in the doorway for a scroll detailing how to perform the Technique of Ultimate Guidance. Turn right and slash the painting on the wall to reveal a secret door. Enter for some pots and baskets containing yellow essence and a chest containing Grains of Spiritual Life. Walk straight out and into the courtyard for another battle. When the enemies are defeated head through the middle door and open the chest within to earn some yellow essence. Two ninjas will smash in the wall, revealing a hallway. Defeat them and head down the hallway and left into another garden.

Kill the enemies here and use the Muramasa Shop to upgrade your weapons and buy supplies if you need them. I recommend saving your essence for upgrades. When finished, jump into the pit to the right. Kill the bats at the bottom of the pit and exit via the door. Examine the corpse on the walkway ahead for a scroll on the Shadowless Footsteps technique. Proceed right for another battle. Walk down the ramp for a chest containing an Herb of Spiritual Life. head back up the ramp and use the hanging wall on your left to do a wall run and jump to the next section of platform. Proceed down the platform past the broken section and head right for a chest containing another Herb of Spiritual Life. Return to the broken section of platform and drop down. Examine the corpse to the left of you for a scroll on the Furious Wind Technique. Proceed down the walkway for another battle with standard ninjas and purple ninjas. Finish off the enemies and proceed down the walkway for a cutscene.

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