Ninja Gaiden 2: Chapter 1 Sky City Tokyo Part 1 Walkthrough

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Special Agent Sonia appears at the door of the tiny shop run by master swordsmith Muramasa amidst the skyscrapers of Tokyo. She inquires after the Ninja Ryu Hayabusa, his whereabouts a mystery. She brings news of a terrible danger facing the world, bearing a message that must reach Hayabusa at any cost. As night falls, the evil Black Spider Ninja Clan emerges from the shadows to infest the streets of this unsuspecting city.

The opening cutscene begins with sweeping vistas of futuristic Tokyo. Sonia has arrived at Muramasa's shop and has some bad news for Ryu. Their conversation is cut short when the Black Spider Clan arrives. After the cutscene ends, your first battle begins.

Four ninjas greet you for your first battle. Dispatch them and down the boardwalk to the left of Muramasa's shop to the first dragon statue. These dragon statues will heal you and allow you to save your game. Follow the path back and smash the barrels on the right of Muramasa's shop for some yellow essence orbs. Enter the smashed-in doorway of Muramasa's shop for another brief cutscene.

After the cutscene, the pathway to the right of Muramasa's shop is now open. Follow the path down the stairs and you will be attacked by another group of ninjas. Dispatch them and proceed forward along the stairs to the closed door. Open the chest to the right of the door for a scroll detailing how to perform the Reverse Wind Technique. Enter the door.

Hang an immediate left inside the door and you will be attacked by a fairly large group of ninjas. Dispatch them, being careful not to get cornered, and proceed down the hallway. Open the chest at the end of the hallway to receive some blue health orbs. Proceed down the left hallway where you will be attacked again by a small group of ninjas. Drop into the pit in the floor ahead. At the bottom of the pit, there is another chest. Open it for a scroll detailing how to perform the Technique of Shadowless Footsteps (Wall Run). Turn around and climb the ladder back to the top of the pit.

When you are out of the pit, back up some distance down the hallway and perform the wall run technique on the left wall. Make an immediate left and you will be attacked again. Note the chest that you see in front of you as you engage the ninjas in this room, this is easy to forget on the way out. After engaging the enemies, open this chest for a scroll detailing how to perform the Furious Wind Technique. On the small stage in the room is another chest containing the Art of the Inferno ninpo. Turn right and head toward the roofs. Do not drop down just yet. There is a crystal skull on the roof directly opposite you. Jump from the long section of boardwalk on the right edge to the long section of roof on the right edge of the building across from you. Grab the crystal skull and drop down for another battle below.

After your foes are defeated, head inside the building toward the chest within. Open it for some red essence. Smash the pots to the left of the chest for some more yellow essence and then head up the stairs to the right. You will be attacked by several standard ninjas and two more difficult purple ninja who will attack with blades, teleportation and fire magic. Kill them all and open the chest on the altar to receive a Lives of the Thousand Gods. I find that these are good to hang onto until a boss fight because they extend your life bar and fill it up completely, but feel free to use this now if you wish. Head right and up the stairs. Open the chest at the top for an Herb of Spiritual Life. Proceed right through the door, where you will be attacked again. After killing your foes, do a wall run off of the left wall to cross the pit and continue up the stairs. At the top of the stairs you will be attacked again. Do a wall run off of the right wall or use the horizontal pipe to cross the pit. Once across, read the note on the body in front of you to learn how to perform an obliteration technique on wounded foes. Conveniently afterward you will be attacked by another small group of ninjas, all dismembered. Obliterate them and proceed down the hallway and left to another body on the ground. Read the scroll to discover how to perform the Flying Bird Technique. Save and heal at the Dragon Statue and proceed up the broken ladder passage by using the Flying Bird Technique. At the top of the passage, you will be in a small garden full of several standard ninjas and two more purple ninjas. If you are having a difficult time, I recommend using ninpo here.

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