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This video is about JULY 4th *NEW* UPDATE AND CODE - Monsters of Etheria

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LATEST UPDATE (7/4/2020)

Use code “Independence2020” to unlock Starry Spectrability!
This is a limited-time Fourth of July code. Use it quickly!
All Patriotic skins from 2019 are now available in the shop. They are on a 33% sale! Grab them while they’re cheap!
Due to time constraints and the fact that Independence Day is a US holiday, we are going to be moving away from it and instead holding an annual Summer event. More details on the event will be released soon!
Re-added Etherian: Tadbowl
Created new minigame: the Cup Game
3 sets of the Cup Game can be found in the World Tree, the Haunted Kitchen, and the Snow Village
Added Titles: HiLo, Cup Gamer, [???], [???]
Remodeled the General Shoppe, Lucky Lotto, Training Ground, and Baker’s Corner buildings
They now use significantly fewer instances and triangles (less lag!), and you can now enter through their doors
“The Kitchenette” has been renamed “Baker’s Corner”
Pushed through various map improvements
This includes a fix for falling through the lava in the volcano!
Special thanks to Arcrypt for his help!
Added remodels for Terroot, Geminirt, and Gaiarth
Heritage Terroot is now available in the Skin Shop if you prefer the old version (30% sale!)
Base Stat changes:
Terroot: +10 RES, +1 SPD
Geminirt: -1 NRG, +6 RES, +2 SPD
Gaiarth: +5 SPD
Terroot line can now learn Razor Leaf at LVL 25
The “Resting” ability now causes Sleep to end 20% sooner

By Monsters of Etheria Team and NCS
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Different Heaven

Updates are released every Saturday unless otherwise noted.

What is Monsters of Etheria?
Welcome to the world of Etheria!
Explore the Alchas region, collect plenty of unique Etherians, and train to become the best!
If you fancy battling, take on PvP mode and duke it out with other players to see who's the strongest Etherian! If you prefer roleplay, join RP mode for a peaceful change of pace where you can take on a role and start an adventure with others.
No matter how you choose to play, powerful and even legendary Etherians are waiting to be discovered!

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