MongoDB and OutSystems: Build Your First App

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MongoDB helps you build apps faster, thanks to its flexibility around data schema. OutSystems is a faster way to build apps, and you can use MongoDB as the back-end for an OutSystems app, for a powerful combination.

In this video, Developer Advocate G. Andrew Duthie will walk through creating a first version of a simple self-service portal for employees to report on the equipment they're using when working from home, and show how easy it is to create the initial prototype, and then quickly modify the data structure and UI to incorporate feedback from users and stakeholders.

Intro - 00:00
Overview - 00:16
Steps to building the app - 01:06
Demo: MongoDB Management - 01:30
Demo: Install MongoDB Connector - 02:21
Demo: Site Properties - 03:08
Demo: Dependencies - 05:19
Demo: Modeling Data - 05:43
Demo: Adding Home Screen and Logic - 07:05
Demo: Adding a Detail Screen and Logic - 10:34
Demo: Testing the App - 18:00
Demo: Incorporating Feedback - 19:00
Demo: Testing the Updated App - 20:56
Wrap-up - 21:52

One note on the naming of the MongoDB database and names were chosen to illustrate the potential for using a database to hold multiple related collections, but I goofed when assigning the names. Ideally, the database should have been named EmployeeSelfService, and the collection for this app MyEquipment. Hopefully the concepts still make sense despite the error.

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