lunchtime in the CITY in the SKY San Francisco

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By Jermaine Ellis
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About me.
Form the USA, Memphis Tennessee, ORANGE MOUND
I live in San Francisco
Traveled to 65 Countries
I want to travel to 100 Countries
Started backpacking around the world 10+ years ago
And quickly caught the travel bug.
I don’t have a car or a Apartment
My Top Favorite countries
#1 South Africa
#2 Israel
#3 England

0:00 skateboard
0:21 introduction
1:09 skateboarding in whatever neighborhood this is
1:46 at work
2:35 lunchtime in the sky
2:47 elevator action
2:55 meeting a YouTube subscriber. She is giving a gift
3:09 skate skate skate 500 block of market Street
3:39 skate skate skate financial district
3:52 skate skate new Montgomery Street
4:23 talk
5:03 looking for a hotel from the Youtube comments
5:37 skate skate Sutter st
6:19 at 750 sutter st
7:22 Union in Square action
9:53 elevator action again
9:54 Tea time before video chat
10:00 back at the hotel
10:05 skateboards in the bathroom
10:08 opening the subscriber GIFT
13:20 bye-Bye
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