????????-"Lucky In Love"- GLMM |By: Haylie_Playz|????????[PART 2]

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[]•Hey everyone! This part 2 to "Lucky in Love".

What's going on?
Here's the Plot so far: Basically the new girl is in a place where she is new to this other school she's transferred, she comes to find that the people aren't as friendly as they would seem. With the help of Brooke, he introduces her into a new friend group and helps her along the way of her journeys. Eventually they start to fall for one another seeming as how they have been spending so much time together, however Jessica and Tyler are seeking revenge between the two of them. Watch as the events unfold into a coming of age story made by the app: Gacha Life. Please, ❤

Hi, Beep.

So this was super easy to make. I dunno it took me like 2 days. So for the Art contest I am super happy with all the entries I had gotten so far! You guys are awesome. :)

No, there isn't going to be a Part 3! (Guaranteed, since I have to finish the "My Bounty" series.)

[]•The music doesn't belong to me!

[]•I'll put the following links to the music.

[❤]-Ehrling-Chasing Palm Trees:



[❤]-Ehrling-Dance with me:

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