LEGO SCP-173 VS SCP-096 VS SCP-6789 VS SCP-999 VS SCP-001 VS SCP-106 VS SCP 682 VS SCP-049

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Today you will decide which build was built the best lego compilation and special video! The Sculpture vs The Shy Guy vs Siren Head vs The Gate Guardian vs The Tickle Monster vs The Hard To Destroy Reptile vs The Plague Doctor. This was an amazing season and hopefully I will be motivated to make a season 2 in the future. If you want to build any of these just go down below and click on which one you would like to build. Thanks for watching!

The Sculpture SCP-173 LEGO:

The Shy Guy SCP-096 LEGO:

Siren Head SCP-6789 LEGO:

The Gate Guardian SCP-001 LEGO:

The Tickle Monster SCP-999 LEGO:

The Hard To Destroy Reptile SCP-682 LEGO:

The Plague Doctor SCP-049 LEGO:

The Old Man SCP-106 LEGO:

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