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A collection of Little Baby Bum's most renowned and beloved nursery rhymes, to educate and entertain your little ones with the classic songs we all once loved.

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What's your favourite colour!
I’d really like to know!
Red, Blue no oh wait,
Of course it’s gotta be yellow *wink*

To find your favourite colour!
Pick up a paint brush and sing with me
Let’s learn the primary colours
Red blue yellow 1 2 3

Firstly let's rap about red

This colour tells me to stop

A cupcake with a red cherry on top
Yah, I'm gonna say i like this colour a lot
red fire engine, great shot!

What's your favourite colour
The colour of a sweet cherry!
There's 3 primary colours
Red blue yellow 1 2 3

That was great everyone, what's our second primary colour?

Can you tell me what’s blue
The sky and the sea will give you a clue
Hey terry, what colour are you?
wait a minute I’m blue too!

What's your favourite colour
Blue looks pretty cool to me
Im rocking these primary colours
Red blue yellow 1,2 3

Here comes colour number 3!

I’ve seen this one before?
Like a baby chick or this big yellow door?
Wait a minute let me look at yellow once more!
Haha Yah this is my favourite for sure!

Yellow is my favourite
Yellow it has to be
Yellow makes me happy
And I'm yellow! Haha yippee!

The primary colours 1 2 3

We’ve learnt the primary colours
But what other colours do you know?
If you mix red blue and yellow
You can make a whole rainbow!

0:05 Colors Rap
2:03 Buster Plays Skittles
4:03 Buster Changes Color
6:04 Buster And The Balloons
8:04 Buster's Bubble Bath
10:08 Easter Bunny Buster
12:13 Buster Teaches Shapes
14:09 Busters Mothers Day
16:06 Buster Goes To Jail
18:06 Frozen Buster
20:09 Robot Buster
22:11 Buster And The Carwash
24:08 Stuck In The Mud
25:37 Buster's First Snowy Christmas
27:39 Buster And The Storm
29:40 Buster Builds A Snowman
31:36 Buster On Ice
33:35 Racing Buster
35:32 I Am Buster
37:56 Buster's Sick
39:55 Buster's New Tires
41:52 Buster And The Boxes

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