Laid Down Lover - Awaken Generation Music (feat. Gideon Lim)

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“Laid Down Lover” sung by Gideon Lim as part of Awaken Generation Music’s upcoming 2021 album release.

A songwriting collaboration between Awaken Generation producer Gideon and Jonathan Ogden (Rivers & Robots, Set Sail), Laid Down Lover was written over the lockdown period. Watch and listen to this powerful love letter of a song written to our Saviour and Shepherd.

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Beautiful Saviour
You’re my soul’s delight
You are the bridegroom
And we are the bride

Beautiful Shepherd
You have made a way
You are the potter
And I am the clay

You can have all my devotion, I pledge myself to you
You desire my affection, it all belongs to You

I cannot ignore it, it’s undeniable
When I see your beauty, I’m changed forevermore
Your love is so unchanging, You have loved me through
My sin and my returning, it’s my joy to worship You

You have one more laid down lover
You have one more laid down lover

Songwriters: Gideon Lim & Jonathan Ogden
Music and Vocal Producer: Gideon Lim
Arrangers: Gideon Lim, Calvin Gan, Stacy Tan, & Caleb Kay

Worship Leader: Gideon Lim
Vocalist: Alarice
Acoustic Guitars: Stacy Tan & Calvin Gan
Electric Guitar: David Yem
Bass Guitar: Shawn Walrus
Keyboards: Gideon Lim
Drums: Caleb Kay

Recording Engineer: Caleb Chan
Mixing Engineer: Chris Greely
Mastering Engineer: Joe Creppell
Additional Recording: Gideon Lim & Calvin Gan

Video Crew: Joash Lee, Felicia Low, Nathaniel Lee, & Jung Min Cho
Photographer: Nathaniel Leong
Decor: Michelle Leong, Sandra Yu, & Stacy Tan
Wardrobe: Sarah Chan
Stage support: Cheryl Hoe
Album/Single Design: Shawn Walrus & Promise from
Hair and Makeup: Carmen Chan & Jace Ang
Venue: Open Fields

Special Thanks:
Eugene Tay from Creator’s Solutions
Muen Huang from Illuminate Productions
Ken Tan from Open Fields
Pantheon Percussion
Jorina Chong from ArtcrylicbyJo

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