Is The Indie Game Dev Dream Real? - The Full Truth

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Is the indie game dev dream real or is it an unattainable lie nobody can realistically achieve? How hard is it to make indie games full time and make enough money to survive? I interviewed Thomas Brush, the creator of Neversong and Pinstripe, to find out more.

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0:00 - Intro
1:12 - Survivorship Bias | Thomas Story
4:38 - Selling The Game Dev Dream
7:34 - Being Vulnerable (Kickstarter)
9:14 - Social Media & Marketing
14:20 - What Game Dev Is Really Like
16:35 - Financial Security & Growth
21:08 - Taking Shortcuts (Reusing Code)
24:46 - Dealing With The Risk of Failure
31:18 - Prioritization & Time Management
32:35 - The Role of Luck
36:11 - How To Make The Dream a Reality
39:52 - Diversifying Income Streams
42:30 - Some Motivational Words

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Hope you enjoy. :)
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