Introducing Square App Marketplace

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Learn more about the Square App Marketplace at

Sync all your apps with Square. From accounting apps and eCommerce solutions to inventory and employee management, Square works with hundreds of apps to help you run your business more efficiently. Connect the apps you’re already using to Square without making changes to your existing business system. Save time with tools and software that work together. Your data syncs automatically between Square and your integrated apps.

*If you are subject to HIPAA and use Square’s services in a manner that causes Square to process PHI, then you agree to the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement. Square sellers are responsible for determining whether they are subject to HIPAA and for maintaining their own HIPAA compliance.


Square works with all kinds of apps and software to help you run your business.

You can find them in the Square App Marketplace.

Connect them to your Square account to save time, automate tasks, organize data—and a whole lot more.

You can unify your whole business management system—supercharging your operations with new, custom capabilities.

And set up all your customers, clients, and patients online.

From accounting to eCommerce to marketing—there’s an app for almost everything.

Handpick solutions that work for your business.

Get apps to run a restaurant.

Manage a service business.

Grow retail sales.

Ship and fulfill orders.

Even care for a health and wellness practice with HIPAA-compliant* telehealth appointments and payments.

Connect apps to your Square account in just a few clicks. It’s easy. Your data and transactions sync automatically.

Browse the Square App Marketplace to find the apps you need to run your business better.
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