Install PS3/4 controller using SCP Drivers and 2 Bluetooth Adapters

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Install a wireless Playstation 3 or 4 controller on your PC using SCP Driver with 2 bluetooth adapters. One bluetooth is used for the controllers while the other one is used for any other bluetooth peripherals.

SPC Driver Links:

Installation is simple and straight forward. Just use 2 USB Bluetooth adapters or 1 USB Adapter and your integrated motherboard bluetooth on your PC to do this.

1) Plug in by USB your PS3/PS4 controller and let it install the windows drivers. Wait until it finishes installing.

2) Plug in by USB your Primary Bluetooth adapter (the one NOT used for the controllers) and Install the drivers for said adapter. If your Motherboard has a integrated Bluetooth and you plan to use it as the primary bluetooth, make sure to install the drivers from your manufacturer's webpage (if any).

Note: If your Bluetooth did not come with any drivers and there is no driver on the manufacturer's webpage, just let Windows install the default Bluetooth drivers. (usually downloads from Windows update)

3) Once the "primary bluetooth" has finished installing drivers, unplug it from your PC (if using a USB one) or go into Device Manager and Disable it (if using and integrated module).

Note: If you have more than 2 bluetooth modules, disable them all for the next steps or you might get an error or you PC might hang. You can Enable them back at the end.

4) Plug in Secondary Bluetooth adapter (the one USED for the controllers) and let Windows configure it.

5) Download the SCP Driver Package and extract the BIN folder on your computer. Make sure you place it on a folder that you wont erase since it is gonna be it's permanent location.

6) Open SCP (Run as Admin if using Win7/8) and make sure to check mark "Force Install". Click Install and wait for the process to end. You should get a Installation summary at the end with a list of all installed components.

7) Run to make sure your controller is working. Disconnect the USB cable from your controller and see if it connects via Bluetooth.

8) Test Controller on your Game Controllers setting in Windows and see if it works.

9) If all is working OK, replug your Primary Bluetooth Adapter (if using USB) or Enable your Primary Bluetooth back again using Device Manager (if using integrated).

10) Enjoy. Also make sure that your primary bluetooth work with other peripherals while using a Playstation controller.

Also as a side You controller will automatically connect to your PC everytime you press the PS button or connect it via USB to your PC. If you want to turn off your Controller while using it on Bluetooth, hold down L1+R1+PS button for 5 seconds and it should power off.

If you need any other info, head on to the provided SCP Driver link and read their forums for tips or help regarding SCP.
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