Hug and Kiss: This cartoon shows the power of a hug and kiss.

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This cartoon shows the power of a hug and kiss. Share this virtual HUG and some love with someone who needs it.

I think we all could use a virtual hug right now. Hugs, Love, and Kindness rule!

Be Awesome To Others!

In your life, there will be times that no one believes in you. Stay strong because there probably is one person who does. That is your true friend. Stick with them like a bandaid and never let them go! And support them as well. This is the thing that Keeps us going on this tough journey called life.

Welcome to the famous "Notebook Babies". I started making these films back in 2008 to teach social skill lessons to my fifth graders in a fun way. I hope that teachers and parents continue to use my little films to teach or start the conversation on important topics such as making friends, sharing, helping others, and just being a good citizen. I believe in Love and Kindness, as I think we need these things now more than ever!

I draw my animations by hand on both paper and on the computer. I add new films weekly, so subscribe and turn on notifications.

If you're looking for kid-safe and family-friendly YouTube cartoons and music, you've come to the right place!

Creator, Tony Dusko, is a certified elementary teacher with over 20 years of classroom teaching experience! You won't find that on any other Youtube channel for kids!!!

Notebook Babies cartoons and pencilmations are simple yet all about POSITIVITY, FRIENDSHIPS, and making kids LAUGH while they learn. New animations and music every week!
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