How to Pronounce Guilin? 宝积岩 Chinese City Pronunciation

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Guilin City in China
Guilin is a city in southern China known for its dramatic landscape of limestone karst hills. At its center are 2 lakes, Shanhu (Cedar) and Ronghu (Banyan), remaining from a medieval-era moat that once surrounded the city. Boats travel through these and other lakes via connected rivers. On Shanhu Lake’s shore, twin pagodas, the Sun and Moon, light up the sky at night.
Area: 27,809 km²
Elevation: 153 m
Weather: 23°C, Wind N at 0 km/h, 93% Humidity
Population: million (2010)
Local time: Friday 01:06
Autonomous region: Guangxi
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Colleges and Universities: Guilin University of Electronic Technology, MORE
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Qiongzhou or Qiong Prefecture was a zhou in imperial China seated in modern Qionglai City in Sichuan, China. It existed from the 6th century to 1913. Between 742 and 758 it was known as Linqiong Commandery.
Source: (Sichuan)

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