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I got verified on Spotify today in less than 30 Minutes , I will show you how to get verified on Spotify with Distrokid and It's super easy.

My EP - #Paradise Is Out Now ????????:

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Equipments I Use : ????
♾ Canon M50 Camera :
♾ Fifine USB Condensor Mic :
♾ Maono USB Condensor Mic :
♾ Rode NT1A Mic :
♾ Boya Mic :
♾ Mobile Phone OTG for USB Mic :
♾ Soundcard For Mobile :
♾ XLR Cable To Mobile :
♾ Mic Stand Full :
♾ Table Arm Mic Stand :
♾ Digitek Ring Light :
♾ Macbook Pro :
♾ Backdrop :
♾ Backdrop Stand Kit :
♾ Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones :
♾ Behringer U-Phoria Audio Interface :
♾ Mic XLR Cable :
♾ Pop Filter :
♾ Behringer Studio Headphones :
♾ Audacity :

Know Hip Hop | Episode #152 - How To Get Verified On Spotify & Claim Your Artist Profile | Spotify For Artists

#KNOWHIPHOP - First ever Indian / Desi Hip Hop Series which gives comprehensive details about Hip Hop culture , its roots and updates via well researched also empowers artists and hip hop heads by letting them access the information which they have always been wanted to dig about this beautiful culture. Whether you're a fan, an MC-in-the-making, or a future Hip Hop superstar, #KnowHipHop is for you so subscribe the channel and always stay HIP :) ????

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Note- all the comments and jokes made in the video are for the content and the clips and not on the person himself!! thank you :)

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