How to Become a ????Travel Blogger from ???? Home [2020 Tutorial]

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In this video I'll show you How to Start a Travel Blog without a Fancy Expensive Camera AND without ever leaving your house. This video is sponsored by Vidyard, who offer a FREE Browser Extension that lets you record your screen and create immersive video content in literally 30 seconds of setup.

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Once frequented by Jackie Kennedy, Aristotle Onassis and The Beatles, is the Astir Palace, opened in 2018 and it’s the Four Seasons’ first property and currently only property in Greece
It’s just Thirty minutes from the city centre, it’s easy to pop up to the Acropolis, but it’s also a serene retreat from the city’s bustle.
Every room has sea views, some come with private pools, massive soaking tubs and they’re all bathed in sunlight
45 minutes from the hotel you have the Temple of Poseidon. Poseidon of course was the God of the Sea and known to be quite moody, and if you’ve ever been on the Greek Isles you’ll feel his wrath in the strong winds
no trip to greece is complete without a sunset boat tour
wei and i had the time of our lives in santorini, and even to this day remember this view as the best of our lives. Santorini is just 2 hours from Athens via ferry or a 30 minute flight
how do we get to athens?
start on google flights
emirates first class is typically only bookable 7-14 days before
but of course tons of economy
we can always book united Polaris business class
to fly united you need Chase points. chase ink business preferred card was offering a whopping 150k points, these offers expire all the time so check our site for details
thank you guys for watching. hopefully this was an instructive illustration that you don’t need a camera or even be able to travel to be a travel blogger and it’s all thanks to our sponsor Vidyard. I’m putting a link to get their free tool in the description
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