GODZILLA vs SCP 682 REMATCH | Stick Nodes Animation

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FINALLYY!!! i'm finally done ya'll now imma sleep peacefully. the animation might be rusty and not that good, it was because i rushed it and i shouldn't have done that, mainly because i want it to be on the time where I've reach 53k subs which is today so yeah. Anyways thank you so much for watching and thank you guys for 53k subscribers! thank you so much! i'll post a link of a public stk to you guys later when i wake up on the community posts! thank you guys so much for 53k subscribers!

Credits :

Scp 682 and Godzilla by me

3D Jets by Lff Hybrid


------------------------------------------- Music provided by No Copyright Music: Music used: Brave Soul by Makai Symphony Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution -------------------------------------------
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