Gharwali da pyar ( Wife Love ) | dharnat jhinjer ft numberdar ubhia | New punjabi videos |

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Video Title

Gharwali da pyar ( Wife Love ) | dharnat jhinjer ft numberdar uhbia | New punjabi videos |

staring :-
Dharnat Jhinjer
Babaldeep Jhinjer
Numberdar ubhia vicky ubhia
:- Satta Maan and Babaldeep jhinjer

Editing :- Babaldeep jhinjer

Story writer :- sonu dasuwal

Poster work :- satta Maan

Special thanks

Numberdar ubhia , Haryau wale , Flopyoutuber

This short movie is based on the love story of a desi couple, how they fight daily with the each other and love and care from the souls. One day the wife told to the man about the new car of their neighbors and asked him to bought the same for them because she too want to show off among her friends. This issue turns to a big fight. Man breaks the tea cup and go out. After that the wife remembers that his husband has not taken his medicine of heart disease and started worrying about it. The man reaches a sugarcane handcart where he met with a old guy who teaches him the importance of the wife in the men’s life and also told a story from his own life, telling the importance of women. The man went back to his home straightaway and started regretting about the morning incident. The women also feels shame for his mistake. Now they both understand each other and started watching their wedding book by having a cup of hot tea.
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