Ed Lover Kept His Security Guard Job while Hosting Yo! MTV Raps, Only Made $500 a Week (Part 2)

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Part 3:
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In this clip, Ed Lover spoke to VladTV about not knowing that "Yo! MTV Raps" was going to be a hit show before it started, but he explained that it was successful from the start. He added that hip-hop was taking off at the time, and his show with Doctor Dre brought hip-hop to the masses on a global scale. He went on to reveal that he and Dre split $1,000 each week, and Ed Lover added that he kept his job as a school security guard in Queens. Once the show started seeing more success, Dre and Ed Lover were managed by Russell Simmons, who had Lyor Cohen negotiate their contract at MTV. It was then that Dre and Ed went from splitting $1,000 a week to making $250,000 a year.
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