Call of Duty Warzone SECRET Afghanistan Map, Gulag Origins, Developer Arguments & More (COD Warzone)

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Call of Duty Warzone SECRET Afghanistan Map, Gulag Origins, Development Arguments & More (COD Warzone)

In today's video, we're going to be going over the secret origins of Call of Duty Warzone, the Gulag, the fact that Verdansk was originally planned to be set in Afghanistan, developmental issues and more, ENJOY! :D


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0:00 Secret origins of Call of Duty Warzone
0:49 New DLSS Support for Warzone
2:13 Warzone began in 2017
3:18 Warzone's pitch meeting
4:15 Warzone was meant to be different from Blackout
6:23 They didn't have the tech to make Warzone at the time
6:53 Blackout was done dirty by Activision
7:35 Awesome laptops!
9:21 PUBG largest inspired Warzone
10:07 Spec Fl-Ops helped create Verdansk
11:40 Verdansk was almost set in Afganistan
12:27 Why Verdansk isn't pretty & identity crisis
15:01 Verdansk was almost just a massive city construct
16:22 Verdansk was almost much bigger & origins of POI's
18:00 Origins of the Gulag and it was almost different
22:09 Some Infinity Ward developers were mad over Warzone changes
23:54 Arguments between QA testers & developers
26:36 Devs would put on Godmode and wreck the other players
27:20 Warzone's release
27:46 Warzone's underwhelming map changes
28:36 Ravensoft have been working on Warzone since the start
29:15 Big things coming in Warzone Season 6 & beyond
29:46 Verdansk '84 will be Nuked too?
30:05 Could the Ural Mountains map come with WWII Vanguard?
30:50 Final thoughts

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