Building a House Start To Finish | Episode 25

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This is the 25th episode in a series following the construction of a small, but very stylish, vacation home for one of our clients step by step. We are calling it The Modern Mountain Getaway, and it features vaulted ceilings, a huge wall of windows, and lots of outdoor space for the owners zen garden! In this series, we will highlight building techniques, building codes, order of operations, cost, building materials and tools used, and also even talk about the problems we run into during the build! This is going to be good And the best part is that YOU can rent this home for your own mountain getaway when it is complete!!

On Episode 25 we wrap the project up and take it to 100% complete. This involves what seems like a thousand small and large tasks, which include lots of cleaning and paint touch ups! This phase of a build is always way more work than you might think!

And as always, we include footage of the Perkins crew enjoying life here in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. There is tons of great information about how (and why) we are doing these processes the way we are. These videos paint a very real picture of what it is like to on the job with our crew for the day!

We are building this home on a budget of course, so we will also be discussing how we choose materials (and designed the house) with the budget in mind! This is a huge part of any build, and one that I think is overlooked in many YouTube videos.

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