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This is a detailed walkthrough tutorial / review of Bleass Slow Machine - an innovative and enjoyable AUv3 FX app for iOS (both iPad and iPhone) that combines 3 aspects - pitching down of sounds, tape stop effects and - by far the most interesting aspect - a speed sequencer with variable step numbers and step resolutions with 4 curve types and randomization options to give you an incredible degree of control over real time speed changes to your audio source. It is a hell of a lot of fun and can do a bunch of different stuff from subtle detuning and gating / tremolo effects to absolutely off-the-wall sound mangling. If you enjoyed Bleass Granulizer you are sure to enjoy this, it is capable of some radically experimental sequenced pitchshifting.

Slow Machine mutates any beat or melody from predictable to innovative. Revamp leads into deep basses, thicken percussion, and add live & sequenced tape stop effects!

Thanks to 3 different yet complementary ways of manipulating time with creativity, BLEASS Slow Machine can deepen any beat by completely or partially slowing down the audio signal, transform epic leads into heavy basses, and add some “tape stop” effect with precision either by touching the X/Y Stop trigger, or by dialing in precise sequence automations.

00:00 Bleass Slow Machine intro, quick audio examples, giveaway details
03:14 More audio examples and overview of the types of sounds this can make
09:35 The Slow Down section explained
12:19 The Time Stop section
18:15 The Sequencer section
26:13 Slow Machine Review and final thoughts

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