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Legally I have to say you may or may not enjoy this episode of FivePD, with me running and the guys chasing me! Check out the others - @Bay Area Buggs @CivRyan @Dammit Dave @Jeff Favignano
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FivePD is a modification for GTA V that is law enforcement focused, enabling people to not only role-play (RP) police officers, but also criminals. At times we utilize the regular game mode, with callouts and respond to criminal activity from the AI. But we also chase each other, like the old Code Zero days - where one of us is a criminal being chased by the rest of the group. These are typically more light-hearted, and hopefully funny to you!

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Zach Houseknecht is a YouTube content creator, gamer, and occasionally likes to also live stream videogames here or on Twitch. He primarily plays GTA V and other open world games, but also experiments with new games and appreciates simulators - from racing to flying. He recently started a podcast called "Completely Clueless Cast" which covers everything from automotive news and rumors to videogames, and nostalgic past times. Listen to the Completely Clueless Cast on your preferred podcast platform here:

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