AIMBOT CHEATER on Advanced Warfare Xbox 360 Edition...

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AIMBOT CHEATER on Advanced Warfare on the Xbox 360 in 2019…WOW
Drop a LIKE if I should play Black Ops 3 on the Xbox 360 next! (乃^o^)乃
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I ended up playing Advanced Warfare on the Xbox 360 today…

…and in 2019 there are still people using mod menus to cheat.


I ran into someone who was using an aimbot to go 50-2 and win a TDM game. What a swell guy!

Hopefully COD 2019 (which will be Infinite Warfare 2 guaranteed) will be the pure exo experience we’ve all exo dreamed about!


So, what do you guys think about this Aimbot Cheater on Advanced Warfare? Should I check out BO3 on the Xbox 360 next? Leave a comment letting me know! ^-^

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